Cafe as a great way to get to know a person

It turns out that it is acquaintance in a cafe that will help you to know as accurately as possible the person who you liked. First, pay attention to what he orders. This will allow you to learn about how deeply and seriously he treats his health.

Before the cafe, you can meet a girl on the ukrainian brides site. And afterwards invite her to a cup of coffee.

To find out how well he is brought up, it's enough just to look around the corner of his eye as he eats. Any self-respecting person should know the rules of etiquette and stick to them in public. If you like a guy champing at all cafes, wipes the tablecloth off the table and holds a knife in his left hand, it is worth considering, but do you need such a fan?

Also, using the cafe, you can determine how it relates to money. Can I afford an extra, or he thinks every penny. It is worthwhile to look closely at whether he will leave a tip or not. This will show his greed or vice versa magnanimity and kindness.

Common topics

When you have already met a young man. Unobtrusively ask him about that. What he likes, has any hobbies. It is likely that you can have common interests, which in the future will not bad help you to communicate with him, and maybe even interested.

A well-bred young man will ask you what you are interested in. Tell the truth, because if you lie, you can suffer a lot of failures. For example, you said that you know art, although you do not even know who wrote the famous painting "Mona Lisa", it is also "La Gioconda". It may be that the guy is very good at art, and you can not support the topic. Well, is not that insulting? Therefore, do not lie, but only talk about the interests that you really own.


The conclusion will be quite large, because you need to draw conclusions to all the subtitles. So, let's begin.

So, as you guessed it – it's not so difficult to get acquainted with a guy in a cafe. The main thing is to use all the tips that are presented above and you will succeed.

On account of how to dress, you probably already understood. No ultra-bright colors in your image should not be present, you're not a Christmas tree, after all. Everything is calm and decent.

About makeup, too much to say is not necessary. Just stick to the same scale as your clothes.

Yeah, what else. Ah, confidence. Confidence, not arrogance. Remember once and for all! And about the simplicity in communication, do not forget. Guys love interesting and open girls, with whom there is something to talk about.

On the ways of dating you have already read above, and I hope that although one of them will come to your liking, and you will definitely use it when you like some guy in the cafe.

And finally I would like to say that the first step should be, of course, men. But, dear ladies, time does not stand still and makes its own corrections and if you do not take the initiative into your own hands, you can stay alone for life. So why not take this small step towards your happiness? In my opinion, it's better to show a little initiative once than to watch TV with three cats in 40 years.

Good luck to you, dear girls, when meeting a guy in a cafe! You will succeed! Be happy those who have already found their soul mate and do not be upset by those who are alone. Remember that everything has its time. After waiting a little, you will get the best. Thank you for attention!