It’s Talk About How’s Choosing a Family Vacation Destination

When choosing a family vacation destination, you may feel at an utter loss, particularly if you are considering the feelings of a teenager. With a variety of ages involved, from the young to the, ahem, seasoned, it can be especially stressful to nail down the ideal location spot. Thankfully, there are some great tips out there to guide you when making your next travel decision. Take a look at the following ideas to help you gauge the perfect destination spot:

1. Involve every family member in the decision-making process.

This is a particularly important piece of advice if you are, indeed, catering to the ever-fickle audience of the teenager. A family vacation destination should be just that: a family choice. Give your spouse and children a heads up that you will be expecting everyone to contribute ideas at a certain time and date. Then make it fun! Host a special meal or take the family out for ideas. Have your children write their nominations on pieces of paper and go through each of them, discussing the pros and cons. Ultimately, you have veto-power as the parent, but it helps everybody feel like they are included.

2. Find a spot that offers many physical activities.

Children, especially those in the age range of 10-17, house a tremendous amount of energy. Nothing could be worse than a destination location with limited options for movement. Find a spot that offers a lot of physical activities. This include skiing, swimming, fishing, hiking, or snowboarding. The key is to exhaust your kids with positive and healthy activities.

3. Focus on the outdoors.

This tip goes hand in hand with the above idea to focus on physical activities. A family vacation destination really fares better when you can incorporate the use of nature. Mountains are a great option, as they can play host to wildlife that you do not normally see in the city. With hiking and snow-skiing prominent activities, the mountains can also offer swimming holes and great picnic spots. Of course, the beach is also a good option, as well as canyons and ranches. The key is to involve your children in the outside world to breathe in fresh air and engage their physical and mental faculties.

4. Look for a variety of activity-options.

It is important to, of course, as mentioned, focus on physical activities. But it is equally smart to ensure there are other opportunities for having fun, including shopping spots, and social activities. Most teenagers enjoy connecting with others their age, so consider traveling with another family, or finding a family vacation destination that plans and coordinates social activities for all fellow travelers. This is a great way to engage your kids while freeing up some time for yourself.

5. Consider ongoing local attractions.

Many folks forget to do online searches of the locale before they travel. Many cities and towns play host to some fantastic festivals. Take a look to see what is happening in your travel destination and try to coordinate. Visiting a music and/or food festival can really help liven up your vacation.

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