Smart Ways to Booking a Disney World Vacation Package

This is something about the allure of a mouse-ear hat that makes kids go nut, but if you want to understand what a trip to Disney entails, look at the worn faces of Mom and Dad. They spent months pouring over a ton of Disney World vacation packages trying to find the right one that fit the family just right. While the kids are absolutely pumped and can barely contain their sheer joy, the dogged work by parents through the process does make you wonder just what it takes to put together a Disney World vacation package that keeps the fun going for the entire family.

Rather than live in the despair of wondering how much of your life you have shift around to make a trip to Disney work, here are seven steps to putting together the ideal Disney World vacation package while keeping the stress level low:

1. Time is Essential – No matter what type vacation package you choose, it is imperative to use your time wisely. Whether you factor the time it takes to travel to and from Disney, how much time it takes to travel between your accommodations & the park(s), or the time it takes to travel to something Disney adjacent, your time is important. Make the most of it.

2. Plan How You’ll Get There – Many Disney packages include travel for everyone going on the trip, but when it comes cost, even the best packages can have higher costs. You have to ask yourself whether it makes more sense to drive there yourself. You’ll put some clicks on the odometer, but you’ll have access to your own car.

3. Lodging – Does it make more sense to get a vacation package that includes an on-site hotel or staying off-site? Depending on how you want to travel & whether you have readily available transportation can make the difference in whether your available travel packages need to include certain accommodations.

4. Membership Discounts – Sometimes memberships can be uninspiring because they don’t seem to offer much. However, it may be worth checking out what your memberships can offer in terms of travel discounts for vacation packages of all kinds.

5. Trip Insurance – You’ve planned your trip for a while, but all of a sudden, an emergency has come up & the trip has to be scrapped. Having trip insurance can be helpful when you have to pay for your trip in full in advance but have to cancel.

6. Park Tickets – You want to be sure to invest time in checking on how the park tickets are handled in the package deal. The last thing you want to do is either buy tickets at the park or get tickets to things you don’t plan on using.

7. Use A Travel Agent – If it all gets to be too much, go with a trusted travel agent that specializes in Disney World travel packages. They can be instrumental in finding the right deal for your family that includes everything you could possibly want in a Mouse-Ear Extravaganza!

Disney World vacation packages can be the stuff of legend, but you want to be sure to plan well. Always remember, though, that if you’re just overwhelmed by the process, a solid travel agent that specializes in these types of trips is as good as gold.

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